Jersey Nameplate FAQs

Let us know if you have a question. Here are some we'd fielded in the past.

What is the size of a nameplate?

Finish size for nameplates is variable by the length of the name. In general, a one-color nameplate is 3.55" tall and as wide as the name plus 3/8" either side. A two-color nameplate is 3.95" tall and as wide as the name plus 3/8".

If you need something more custom to cover an existing name, we can do that. Please contact us.

What colors do you have?

We have most all colors for use on athletic jerseys. In most cases we can special order any color you need to make sure your nameplate matches your jersey. If you have any questions about a specific color, please contact us.

Can you do arched nameplates?

For arched nameplates, we need a bit more info to make sure we can cover your jersey properly. In many cases there is limited space, but we are more than capable of getting this done for you. We just need a photo of the back of the jersey with a ruler so we can work out sizing to best work in the jersey space.  Often times, sending us the jersey we are able to make sure to customize the jersey to best match the jersey's styling.

If you need something more custom, we can do that. Please contact us.

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