PNW 2020 IFS Challenge

Over the course of 6 IFS events, agents will battle for stats in a variety of categories to earn challenge points. Points will accumulate over the course of the 6 challenges, and in the final IFS event, a winner will be crowned!

Challenge Prizes:

A grand prize for the overall winner
Faction winner prizes for the top agent from each faction behind the Champion
One prize to the overall winner per stat category measured during the first 5 events

At each IFS event:

AP winner prizes for the leader from each faction
Trekker leader prizes for each faction
One stat category prize per faction for the first 5 IFS events

Challenge Stats:

Resonators deployed
Links created
Mods deployed
Fields created
Portals captured
Hacks (December only scoring used for final event)

Scoring Points

While one stat will be focused on for recognition at each event, all 5 stats will gain overall challenge points at each event. Points for the challenge will be awarded as follows:

40 Resonators deployed: 1 point
8 Links created: 1 point
12 Mods deployed: 1 point
6 Fields created: 1 point
10 Portal captures: 1 point

For the final event, portal hacks will add points to the score:
6 Hacks: 1 point

Fractional/decimal points will not be awarded. 41 resonators scores one point; 79 resonators also scores only one point.

Bonus points:

It is possible to gain 2 bonus points during the event.

Attending 5 events: 1 point
Attending 6 events: 2 points


To qualify for single-event prizes and recognition, attendance and checking in before and after the event are required.

To qualify for the IFS Challenge, agents must attend at least 4 events in the challenge, one of which must be the final. Also, agents must check in before and after each event and be PRESENT at the group photo (being IN the photo is never required, however).

Final Scoring:

1) For each event, points will be gained based on the above chart. Fractional points will not count (eg, 41 resonators deployed during the window = 1 point; 79 resonators deployed during the window = 1 point).

2) Total agent points will be tallied for each event, and the scores will be announced. No prizes will be awarded for overall challenge points until the 6th IFS event. A running tally of agent points will be posted, broken down by stat and event.

3) For agents attending all 6 events, their total accumulated points, plus hack points, plus bonus, will be their final score.

4) For agents who attend 4 or 5 events, their final score will be their total score per stat category, divided by the number of events attended, and then multiplied by 6. These will be rounded DOWN to the nearest 100th (.01). Each stat will then be added together, along with hack points, and then a bonus point, if earned, will be added to generate their final score.

5) In the event of a tie in a stat category or for the championship, the following stats will be considered for tie-breaking, in this order:
a) Number of events attended in challenge
b) Total Trekker gain during challenge events
c) Total AP gain during challenge events
d) OPR Agreements in the last month as shown in the scanner

Tentative Challenge locations:

March: Arlington - Prize for Resonators Deployed
May: Tacoma - Prize for Links Created
July: Centralia - Prize for Mods Deployed
September: Mt. Vernon - Prize for Fields Created
November: Bellingham - Prize for Portals Captured
December: Seattle-area (TBD) - Prize for most Hacks

Nota bene:
Agents who field over an IFS location between 30 minutes prior to the 2AP window to 30 minutes after the 2AP window will be disqualified for the duration of the contest.
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