Full Service Football – Number My Jersey


**We do NOT sell the jersey. We do NOT remove numbering.**

Do you have a blank jersey ? Do need professional twill numbering on it? We can do that.

Let us know what number you need, send us your jersey, we’ll make sure we us the proper colored twill and lettering. We’ll send shipping instructions after your payment is processed.

Please contact us prior to purchasing this service, so we can ensure we can take care of your jersey. Additional fees may result if you do not check with us ahead of time.

Turnaround time is anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending on complexity and our work load. We use twill for our nameplates, but make every effort to use existing nameplates that are fully stitched, but often times glue residue is left behind. Please order swatches if you would like to see color and fabric options.

What is the team? *

Please let us know a bit more info, that way we can make sure we have the appropriate colors available to customize your jersey.

What is the jersey color? *

We have most colors in stock, but it’s important to know so we can watch production timelines and supply shortages.

What number do you want? *

What is the jersey size?

Please note if it’s Adult, Ladies, or Youth size. Often times lettering sizes are smaller on Ladies and Youth jerseys.

Who is the jersey manufacturer?

Is it a Nike, Reebok, etc? Unknown is an ok answer too.

Add a nameplate?

Contact us if your name is longer, we maybe able to help you.

Add a patch

If you would like a patch added, please mail your patch with your jersey.

Already have the digits and lettering for your jersey? Just need them sewn on?

Additional fees may apply as these require hand sewing. Non standard fonts may incur additional fees. Please inquire before you order.

Order Notes

Optional note(s) for production, size, color, special requests, etc.

Do you have a football jersey that’s blank? Need it numbered? We can do that for you.
Numbering Color

1-color, 2-color, 3-color


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