Replace My Jersey Nameplate – Full Service


**We do NOT sell the jersey.**

Do you have a jersey but don’t know what colors to select? Do you want a professional to remove the old nameplate and sew your new nameplate on? We can do that.

Let us know what name you need, send us your jersey, we’ll make sure we replace the plate with the proper colored nameplate and lettering as previously discussed. We’ll send shipping instructions after your payment is processed.

If you have not contacted us about replacing your nameplate in-house yet, please contact us prior to purchasing this service.

What is the team? *

Please let us know a bit more info, that way we can make sure we have the appropriate colors available to customize your jersey.

What is the jersey color? *

We have most colors in stock, but it’s important to know so we can watch production timelines and supply shortages.

Add your name: *

Max of 12 letters

What is the jersey size?

Please note if it’s Adult, Ladies, or Youth size. Often times lettering sizes are smaller on Ladies and Youth jerseys.

Who is the jersey manufacturer?

Is it a Nike, CCM, Reebok, Bauer, Kobe, K1, etc? Unknown is an ok answer too.

For US orders only to expedite your nameplate within 7 days. This is a per nameplate rush fee. If you rush one nameplate, but not the other, your nameplates will be shipped separately.

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Custom jersey nameplates for hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and softball. If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. Find out more info about our jersey numbering services as well.



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