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All fan jerseys come with a twill logo, either in the modern (standard) logo or in the Vintage (old-school Blackhawks style) logo. You can also add your name and number.

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This is a Kobe Jersey, sizing chart is below:

Kobe notes, a good way to understand jersey sizing:

  1. Our “recommendation” is never a perfect answer. Every player has different preferences with jersey fit
  2. Our jerseys are 100% polyester and do not stretch. Although some jerseys may look like they fit our models, you’ll notice our recommended sizes always have a bit of slack to allow for mobility while playing
  3. All brands of jerseys have different proportions. Some have shorter sleeves, some have wider armholes, etc.
  4. If you have an existing jersey the most reliable method is always to compare to our measurements

Goalie, Youth – XS, Youth – S, Youth – M, Youth – L, Youth – XL, Adult – Small, Adult – Medium, Adult – Large, Adult – XLarge, Adult – XXL, Adult 3XL

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Modern Logo, Vintage Logo


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