Rush Orders

After our first year of rush fees, we've figured out a better method to manage rush fees for both you, the consumer, and us. Rush fees now are only available after you have purchased your order. We will individually review orders that are already in and consider how much time we have to produce your item at a Rush pace.

On Mondays we will release a limited number of rush upgrades to eligible customers. This will be based on the amount of inhouse work we need to complete in the coming week.  If your order is eligible, we will send you an email with a link to the rush product. 

On Rush, we allow you to order a rush upgrade and upgrade your shipping.

How Rush worked last year

Last year when we had a landslide of nameplates, we were forced to triage orders as many people were more than happy to request rush on ALL ORDERS. Which meant that nothing was really rushed, and the standard queue kept getting pushed back week over week. 

Since we now have the ability to manage orders via stock settings, we also will have the ability to minimize rush orders on a week to week basis and not cost processing fees to refund rush orders that we could not fulfill in a timely manner due to either shortages of materials or man-hours.

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