Team Nameplate Ordering

Our twill nameplates are a great way to add names to your team’s jerseys. Twill is colorfast and matches most athletic colors. Plus, it’s structural finish makes it easier to remove, which is strong contrast with jersey fabric nameplates. With a variety of colors available the best way to color match to your jerseys is through ordering swatches. In some cases we may request a jersey to better color match.

Team nameplates have several options, but important info you need to know:

  • Team Orders have a Minimum of 10 Nameplates oer color/style
  • Base price for a one color nameplate is $17, we do have 1, 2, and 3 color nameplates options available.
  • Lead time is 2-5 weeks depending on quantity and current in-shop workload.
  • 60% payment is due prior to work starting. Nameplates do not ship until they are paid in full.
  • Contact us for alternative payment methods as POs are not accepted to start work.
  • Due date – Make sure you include enough time to get your nameplates sewn on. We can sew nameplates on if you want to ship jerseys directly to us. Please consider shipping times.
  • Shipping cost is variable based on the quantity of nameplates ordered. We can provide a quote on request. Shipping on 200 nameplates or more is free.
  • Reorders during the same season do not require a minimum quantity.
  • Names must be submitted and spell checked in a text file or spreadsheet.

We serve several sports including Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, etc. If your sport isn’t listed, please contact us.

Team orders of nameplates need to have a minimum of 10 nameplates in the same color. If you have a dark and light set of 5, that is not enough, you need at least 10 darks or 10 lights.
If you would like a phone call, please include a good time to call you, including your Time Zone.
Please include your Time Zone. We are in the Pacific Time Zone.
What colors of nameplates do you need. Please include extended comments in the comments.
Please give an approximate number of nameplates you will need. Please include home, away and alts if they all need nameplates. If you have 12 home and 12 away you would need 24 nameplates.
10U, U15 Select, High School, Adult/College, etc.
Remember shipping times and sewing times for nameplates when they arrive.
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